Post Natal / Mum and Baby Yoga

Post natal yoga guides new mothers through their recovery after pregnancy and birth. Classes are for mum and baby.

What can I expect? 

Classes are dedicated to helping you rebuild core and pelvic strength, ease achy shoulders and back and find some time to breathe. We work through a flowing yoga practice designed specifically for new mums, with time to interact with baby (if they are awake!). It allows you time to connect with your breath, develop techniques to relax, and find a space to restore and re-energise together. 

The space is yours to feed and play with your baby as you wish. Sleeping, crying or laughing - all babies are welcome! Classes are intentionally small, with between 4 and 8 mums, so there is time and space to chat with others if you wish to.

When can I start?
Classes are suitable for babies from 6 weeks to crawling.

What should I bring?
Please bring a cushion and / or blanket for your baby. 

Mum and Baby