1. I can't touch my toes!

It doesn't matter, I promise. Loads of people aren't stretchy, it won't limit you and it really isn't what yoga is about. Come with a willingness to see what your body has to offer, and work with that. Being able to wrap your legs around your head doesn't make you a good yogi. I promise you that. 

2. What do I wear?

Something comfy. 
Guys - shorts / tracksuit bottoms and a t shirt
Girls - leggings / tracksuit bottoms and a top
And a smile :)

3. What should I bring?

- Yourself
- A mat if you have one ( if not, you can borrow one)
- A towel
- Water
- A jumper for the end

4. What should I expect?

It's a vinyasa flow practice, so there will be a lot of movement with breath. Expect to feel your heart rate increasing and to work on strengthening the body. There is a lot of focus on breathing, as each movement is connected to inhales and exhales. 

5. I've never done yoga before!

All good my friend! I teach open classes so there will be people of all levels and experience. That's what makes it fun. 
I also run 6 week beginners courses during the year, so please feel free to ask me about these, however come along to an open class any time you wish. It's likely you won't be the only beginner.

6. I'm a man.

Please come to my class and let me change your preconception of yoga! Tall, short, fat, thin, old, young, man, woman, athlete, couch potato - yoga is for all the people!
Yoga is a fantastic accompaniment of other sports, such as football, rugby, running, etc as it helps to build and strengthen muscle groups as well as working on developing flexibility. Yoga is often used as an aid to rebuild the body after injury, or indeed to avoid injury. 

And if you're more in the couch potato field, yoga helps to decrease stiffness and increase energy levels - freeing you of that feeling of tiredness and lethargy. 
So basically, come join.

7. Is it secretly all stretching and chanting?

No, it really isn't. Yes there is a bit of centring and looking inwards. But it's all aiming towards connecting the body with the mind. You work the body to still the mind. And leave feeling calm, happy and well exercised. 

8. I have an injury / illness / condition - can I still practice yoga?

Give me a shout before the class begins, or call / email me in advance, and we can discuss potential modifications and adjustments for your situation. Yoga can be a fantastic tool to help the body repair or adjust to an ongoing condition. As always, it's a good idea to check with your GP first, to ensure it is advised that you continue physical activity.