About Us

We have both spent many years studying and working in our dedicated fields, and over time have discovered several common themes that run through yoga and cognitive hypnotherapy. We have been working together to weave these themes together to create an exciting and bespoke offering - Hypyoga.  

Roisin is a vinyasa flow yoga teacher, living and teaching in North London. Her yoga journey began a few years ago whilst living in Australia, where she found and fell in love with yoga. After returning to London, she completed her vinyasa flow 200hr teacher training with Yoga London. She continued her learning by training to be a pregnancy and post natal yoga teacher.  Roisin’s classes provide a strong flowing practice, focused around marrying movement with breath. They are powerful and fun, and structured so that beginners and experienced practitioners alike can enjoy and benefit from them.  Having worked for several years in the advertising industry, Roisin is hugely grateful for the benefits yoga has brought to her life both physically and mentally, and works to bring these benefits to her students through her classes and workshops. 

Gemma trained in Cognitive Hypnotherapy and coaching at the internationally renowned Quest Institute in London. She became fascinated by this powerful blend after it helped her let go of negative thoughts, get out of coasting mode and get her life mojo back. She works with her clients at her therapy room in Muswell Hill to remove limiting beliefs and barriers holding them back from living fulfilled lives. She loves nothing more than helping people become curious about themselves and in control of their present and future. She's incredibly excited to be running a new series of Hypyoga workshops with Roisin in 2017.

Visit Gemma's website for more details on her Cognitive Hypnotherapy and coaching work.